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Topic: rant

Synthia Louise Flahrestia

She sighed, sitting in her usual park, on her usual bench, glaring at her usual tree with her usual blank expression. Her foals were sleeping in her lap and she was gently stroking their manes, her ea...
Synthia Louise Flahrestia

Having been sitting on her park bench again, she rubbed the carving she had put there long ago...when she was still without home...without food...without a mind...without a larger family and without h...
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Nightmare Woon

Right. It's nearly a month since I last released my first rant blog (sorry if it's hard to follow this). I said I wouldn't do this again, and clearly I was wrong, because the site's slowly descending ...
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(( A lot of my friends on Ponysquare are getting tired of the site. They log in and almost dread doing things they once used to enjoy. They don't like to go to chatrooms or forums anymore, they don't ...

// I know for a fact this is gonna get me hate but it bugs the hell outta me. We all have seen recolors. What is a recolor? A piece of art colored over to be a different thing. ( i.e Octavia colored ...
Topics: Rant