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Halloween Coustume Party!
Starlight Flower

Monday, October 27
The Wedding of Blitzer and Queen Phillip.
Queen Phillip

Tuesday, October 28
The wedding of evil-twilight sparkle and Arcion
evil-twilight sparkle

Wednesday, October 29
Pretty or handsome pony pageant
Splatter Bass

Friday, October 31
Twilight's Birthday
Twilight Sparkle

Nightmare Night!
Comet Stripe

Halloween Party
Foxy Speedpaws

Nightmare Night party!
Princess NightSpeed

   brohoofs this.
Nightmare Night party
Thunder Dash

   brohoofs this.
Saturday, November 1
Hosting Ponyville's Nightmare Night Festival
Lord Newmoon Winter

Saturday, November 8
Rainbow dash and DJ 5R333CH wedding
Rainbow Dash

Sunday, November 9
!!! EquestrianFantacys Birthday !!!